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bookkeeping and business coaching - Specializing in farming operations


Are you ready to take control of your business vs having your business control you? 

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The Story

All my life I have had a mind that strove for order and a heart that finds joy in helping people.  The bookkeeping profession allows me to do both.  With over 20 years experience, my goal is to help you understand your business.  We can do that by putting in place proven processes that manage the data in a timely way so that you are ahead of the game - not behind.  


My People

Having been born  into a farming family, then marrying a farmer, you can say that farming is my thing - and farmers are my people.  I understand what you are going thru - the challenges and the successess.  I know the programs (ie. Agri-Stability, Crop Insurance, CCGA), I know how to communicate with your Accountant to ensure that the data is prepared and organized in an acccurate, meaningful way.  And, I understand and can relate to the pressures you are under.  My goal is to work with you to help minimize the stress and uncertainty by putting in place systems that take care of the paper and give you  time and energy to devote to optimizing and understanding your business .  . .  or maybe just having some free time to spend with your family or friends.


What Do I Do?

* Bookkeeping (Data collection, Categorization of Income and Expenses, Bank reconciliations).

* Payroll - Process, Remittances, T4s, ROEs.

* GST - Reporting and Filing.

* Year-end - prepare file and supporting documentation.  Present to Accountant.

* Reporting - Cash Flow, Profit & Loss, Asset Tracking.

* Communicate with your Accountant.

* Communicate with Lenders & Program Administrators.

And, most importantly - 

* Communicate with YOU.  What are the reports telling you?  Do they make sense?  Do they look accurate - is something missing?  How is your cash flow - what do we need to plan for in the future?  What is bothering you - how can it be handled?

And - a little more about Larner inc

Located in Big Lakes County


I am local and understand the needs of the farming community in Northern Alberta

I love what I do


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Because, seriously, if you don't like cows .  . . I don't think we can work together :)